Monday, April 11, 2011

Action Language

Recently Joshua and Evans shared their presentation on Action and Object Language. I came across a video the other day that reminded me of the presentation, specifically action language. Action language is considered to be conscious and unconscious cues that people give off that allows others to read them. There are many different types of action language. The three main types this video focuses on are facial expressions, gestures, and movements and posture. The video is a tech trailer for LA Noire. LA Noire is a detective video game that is made by the same company that is known for the Grand Theft Auto series. In the game you play as a detective. The game focuses on the player reading people to see whether or not they are telling the truth. This has not really been done before in the video game industry. In this video you will see how they have used this new technology to change the way we play games.

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