Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Flat Classroom Project

Wow.  What can I say?  I just finished judging videos for the Flat Classroom Project 10-3b a couple days ago.  It was quite an experience.  Before being a judge of the videos I participated as an expert advisor for the group called How the World Wide Web Has Changed the World.  I had difficulty figuring out how to get approved so I would be able to join in the discussion.  When I was able to post in the discussion section of their page I never got any responses.  The students on this project really seemed to have a good grasp on what they were doing.  I did notice a few minor things that could have been changed and I noted that to the students.  I honestly felt a bit lost or unneeded during my time as an expert advisor.  If I were going to do that again I would like to be there right when they start instead of coming in after they have already started.
After my time as an expert advisor was up I signed up to be a judge of the students final videos.  I was signed up to judge videos from a different group than the group I was an expert advisor for.  This group was PLEs and Social Networking.  PLEs stand for Personal Learning Environments.  Out of the two roles I participated as I have to say I enjoyed the judging the best.  Each student had to sign up to make a final video that was between 1 and 5 minutes in length on their topic.  Their videos had other requirements as well.  There were about 5 different categories for videos under each team.  This allowed for the students videos to be more varied.  When the videos are looked at as a group it really gives a great end to their topic.

This was such a great learning experience and I would recommend this to anyone with even the slightest interest.  My only suggestion is that it is very important to be involved from the vary beginning of the project.  This way as an advisor you will be able to hopefully be more useful.